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Ethiopia’s economy is largely based on agriculture, both traditional and to a lesser extent modern. It is an established fact that 80% of the Ethiopian population lives in rural areas and depends on farming and nomadic pastoralism for living.

Construction Technologies

Ethiopia has been on a rapid development trajectory in recent years. One of the major sectors experiencing high transformation is construction, particularly the construction of infrastructure such as roads, bridges, dams, power stations, airports, dry ports, and utility infrastructure.

Water Technologies
Weighbridge Technologies

There is a growing demand for appropriate and efficient water drilling equipment in Ethiopia for use in rural and semi-urban areas where there has been an acute scarcity of water supply for drinking for the local population and for cattle use.

Yoshimura PLC, among the signature projects it took part in Ethiopia, was the construction and installation of weigh bridges in 14 key sites in Ethiopia, namely Diredawa, Sendafa, DebreMarkos, Woreta (Gondar), Semera, Holeta, Modjo, Sululta, Jimma, Shashemene, Quiha, Dima, Awash, and Combolcha in the year 2019.

Medical Products

Some of the Japanese medical products which have won popularity in recent years is Seirogan in pill form, which is important as medication for gastrointestinal illnesses. Yoshimura intends to introduce the drug to the Ethiopian market extensively.

Equipment & Vehicle Rental

Yoshimura PLC provides both tourists and residents with the most extensive selection of vehicles to hire. Whether you need an economy car, a luxury car, or an SUV, we have a car to suit all occasions and budgets.

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